As a journal indexing expert, we provide various plans of consulting services for journal publishers and editors. To start, please fill up this form, and we will send you the quote for services.

Plan 1: Quality Improvement
We will review and comment on the journal from the perspective of indexes and databases, and provide you with recommendations to help improve the journal’s quality and prepare it for indexing applications.

Plan 2: Quality Improvement+Journal Indexing
Based on Plan 1 (Quality Improvement), we work with journal publishers to develop strategies and plans to get their journals included in reputable indexes and databases, such as Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, and more. Furthermore, we assist publishers in completing the indexing application process.

Plan 3: Regular Consultation
We act as your consultant, monitoring your journal’s operations and management, and providing you with recommendations, industry information, and news.
Answer your questions for journal operation and management.